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The Pattern Dreamer (book cover)

The Pattern Dreamer: Hi-Tech Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi Novel

On a future Earth, now existing in space without the Sun as an energy source and inhabited by artificial intelligences and digitized descendants of mankind, an Al in charge of energy production is tasked by his mentor to find a solution to this desperate situation.
This Al finds himself suddenly in a desperate conflict with transhumans and other Als, as well as with his own inner demons, needs and desires - including his secret longing for love.

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The Last Gig: one man's fight against giant tech corps, AIs and Technobarons

Jason, an avid but underemployed industrial designer, lands the strangest project of his life: to design a spaceship. While juggling this project with his own dysfunctional life, ex-partner and child, Jason must survive in a world owned by the Tehnobarons and profoundly altered by the artificial intelligences that have infiltrated every aspect of human existence. And as time passes, the project takes a strange turn...